Are you a fan of that classic styling you see on the wrists of movie-stars of the 1950s?
That strong, handsome watch-face, with a stylish leather strap, that wraps around the wrist like it was always there?
Are you a fan of the Rolex and classic Omegas?
Boomerang Watches are a brand-new company who wanted to recreate vintage watch styling but combine it with some of the best movements available on the market. And what they’ve created is quite possibly the most beautiful piece to adorn the wrist since those classic movie legends graced the silver screen back in the 1950s.

Boomerang wanted to take that classic Riviera Soul of the 1950s and make it extraordinary – something that immediately catches the eye and something that oozes sophistication.
They’re ready to launch The Sunbeam Collection – available with a selection of face colors and watch straps. The straps are made from the finest Italian leather or crocodile skin and come with an automatic, self-winding mechanism. Alternatively, there’s a Swiss-made manual movement version that’s a little cheaper which takes a standard watch battery.
If you love vintage watches but wish that they kept time like modern pieces, Boomerang really has hit upon a winner.
Check out the Kickstarter (here will go link to KS page once we are live) for the chance to get hold of one of their limited-edition Sunbeam pieces. They’re only making 4000 of them, so they’re likely to become collector’s items.
The Kickstarter opens on Tuesday, 3rd April with extra special deals for the first day of the campaign.
Boomerang Watches – Because vintage styles always come back.


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