Boomerang Watches offers a wide variety of bespoke time-pieces in The Sunbeam Collection. Our luxurious options make your state-of-the-art wrist-watch an individual statement of your love for classic, vintage styling. For a watch that’s as individual as you are, The Sunbeam Collection has all of the gifts.
The watch-face
There are a variety of options for our handsome watch-face –
luxuriant black – adding enigmatic mystery that oozes cool sophistication
velveteen ivory – introducing classic strength to vintage cool
regal blue – bringing elegant savoir-faire to classic good looks

The strap
The strap is crafted from the finest Italian leather, from artisan tailors who specialize in leather goods for the world’s most exclusive brands.
Your choices are
Croco brown leather – the instantly recognizable texture of polished hide, dyed the deepest chocolatey brown to bring earth tones to our luxury, vintage styling

Croco black leather – for a playful take on the traditional strength of soft, black hide; with the unique patterning of crocodile skin. Projecting modest decadence, and an unashamed fondness for luxury

Croco blue leather – combining the exotic opulence of crocodile skin with the haute couture styling of premium-quality, dyed leather

Plain caramel leather – featuring an organic network of sandy creases with a caramel predominance, projecting the antiquity of club chairs and country club assurance

Plain brown leather – with a sheen that reflects the strong, confident charm of the man who needs absolutely no reassurance

Plain black leather – classic, effortless cool, with the debonair countenance of the leading man

Plain blue leather – the vogue of playful adventure, with the classic refinement of exclusive craftsmanship

The casing and the watch-face
The body of the watch and the casing is forged from the finest 316L stainless steel – built for strength and a finish that resists scratches, you have a choice of silver, rose steel, and gold steel. The timing demarcations and the hands are built from the same material as the casing, providing a clear face that’s simple to read from the briefest of glances.


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