Boomerang Watches – Because Vintages Styles Are Timeless
Boomerang Watches specialize in creating luxury vintage timepieces, inspired by the leading men of classic movies: reviving the Riviera Soul of the 1950s.
Harry Attisa, founder, saw an opportunity in watch-making. He observed on auction sites that there’s an insatiable hunger for vintage watches. People were spending a lot of money on pieces that didn’t work anymore – just because they had classic styling. This inspired him to create Boomerang Watches.

Harry gathered a team of designers and watch-makers together in New York (which district?) and spent months in development: honing their concept and refining their design ideas until they hit upon a definitive design that embodies the Riviera Soul of 1950s movies. They wanted to design a piece that could be easily spotted on the wrists of movie legends in the golden era of the silver screen.
A year later, Boomerang had created their functioning prototypes. Satisfied with the design, the functionality, and the feel, they’re now bursting with excitement as they prepare to launch their first range – The Sunbeam Collection.

The recognizably vintage design is a timeless classic on the outside – a strong, handsome watch-face; broad, tapered, easy-to-read arms; a smoothly gliding second hand; and the classic understatement of classic design.
The inside is powered by state-of-the-art movements, including a model with a self-winding mechanism, built by the world’s most exclusive watch-makers.
Design attention extends from the watch through to the strap, and Boomerang have sourced the best Italian leather and crocodile skin, that adds grandeur and style to the overall piece.
The Vintage Watch market is thriving, and this is an excellent opportunity for fans to own a limited edition vintage piece that will last for years to come. Their Kickstarter campaign will provide an opportunity to own an exclusive piece for a very affordable introductory price.


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